Hands, one and the other . . .

On the one hand I would love to be able to just concentrate on writing and pretend that having people actually know about the books I write not be important. To go on thinking that somehow people will find me and my work through some kind of literary osmosis . . but that’s not how the world works, especially the publishing world.
This past spring I went against the grain and greatly diminished my circle of friends via facebook. Earlier this year I Xcelled one account and re-opened a new one to make facebook a place I could communicate with people I knew, grew up with etc… I quit Facebook initially on the grounds that I didn’t know most of the people I was friends with and became tired of the constant self-promotion. I lost the enjoyment and closeness that facebook could bring. I feel now that perhaps both purposes can go “hand in hand.”

I want my work to be READ. Just like any other author. I believe in what I write, and more importantly the affect that my work can have on it’s readers, primarily those teens that need to read it most. Speaking to youth from all walks of life for almost the past ten years has had a profound affect on me. Kids need to read books that reflect the lives they lead. To see themselves in the characters . . . To know that ultimately there is hope, even in the darkest hours . . .

I’ve been thinking about what I do in my private life. How I’ve become more involved in outreach, I think applying the same principles to my professional life, or by seeing what I do in my professional life as more of an outreach will put things in a better perspective.

So if you’ve made it this far in this blog then I thank you and would give you a medal if I had one!!

I mean if this blog is a tour of my brain then I guess I should just open up and let it spill out, this being part of the spillage. (Oh, that didn’t sound to good.)

Would love to hear any comments, suggestions, etc..



2 responses to “Hands, one and the other . . .

  1. keep on keepin’ on – I want your writing to be read, too!

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