Balance & Internet insomnia

Should be interesting how I & others balance social media and their actual jobs, in my case being a writer. Knowing that projects need to be completed which entails pages written, clear thinking & focus— meaning NO distractions.(Or as little as possible) I think probably most authors now see blogging, tweeting & the like as a part of the job and it is worked into their schedules, which I will be doing as well.
I would love to hear how you do it? Those who set their own work schedules or use social media as a component to their work, ie. promotion etc…
Do you have set times for the internet? Are you always online?

On a different note after spending one of the most internet intensive days I’ve ever had yesterday, setting up various accounts, pages, blogging etc.. I found myself unable to sleep. I was kind of in a post internet buzz that was hard to turn off.

Anyone else find intensive internet use equaling trouble sleeping?
Do you have a time cut off at night so brain synapses and neurons can return to their normal states?


4 responses to “Balance & Internet insomnia

  1. Jenny Alex Alexander

    I am in a writer’s boot camp for faculty right now and the schedule is impressive. This one is a week long, Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm. We work in 1.5 hour increments and take breaks in between to snack, talk and have “biological breaks.”

    It is truly a boot camp– the discipline is strong, but it is self-disclipline, as in there is no leader teaching us HOW to write. We merely write and write and write, based upon self-chosen goals. We do not discuss our writing, unless we choose, during breaks, to people we want.

    The atmosphere is powerful. If I, for example, feel stuck, I glance up, look around and see a group of engaged writers, from all disciplines, with their eyes focused on their screens, their brains churning, and I can almost feel the energy of new thoughts coming into the universe. Since I’m in academia, I am inspired by knowing there are nurses, sociologists, engineers, and the like, who are literally creating the future. I hear the
    tap tap tap of laptop keys, and then it carries me back into my own work, and then I, begin tap tap tapping, and I realize that I, too, am creating the future.

    Perhaps if this is an atmosphere that could be beneficial to you and other writers, a group could be organized.

    Good luck! Keep writing.


    • Sounds fantastic Jenny!

      I think just what I would need on some days. I often imagine some of my favorite writers in my field whom I know, some I don’t, writing and working at their desks while I’m working at mine—kind of a virtual/imaginary boot camp similar to what you are doing. (Just without the sound of tapping keys:) There is one writer in particular that I’m friends with who is extremely prolific. The joke is that by the time I’ve had my coffee in the morning she’s already written three books!

      Thanks so much for sharing and I think this is a really good idea, writers can have big egos so getting them all in the same room could be problematic, on the other hand there are writers groups that I’m sure could benefit from a boot camp. I like the idea of not sharing or having to discuss what is written, often the writers groups I know of turn into critique groups and I’ve never been a big fan of that for various reasons.
      Self-discipline is the key, everyday you have to punch your own time clock in your head and get after it!

      Thanks again!

  2. Ah the dopamine induced loop that fends off sleep. I know it well. Information overload that comes from the internet can really turn off the relaxation meter and hike up the need for more. I think after awhile though the novelty fades away a bit and it’s easier to relax after being lost in say the twitterstream of consciousness.
    I do not have set times for my social media wandering and that’s what it feels like to me. I sort of jump into it with an idea and let myself wander until I find another one. I stop off to comment and explore other people’s ideas and then I go back to my day job which is Domestic Engineering, a.k.a. being a housewife. I also have a part time job working on my pop culture site, social media is a main component of keeping the site out of cyberspace oblivion.
    I’ve been pretty good at punching my own time clock. Usually the dirty pans in the sink set off the mental alarm quite nicely. 🙂

    • “Twiterstream of consciousness” I like that!
      Thanks for the comment Suzanne, Yeah you hit it on the head, it was like I needed more . . .
      I will knock off earlier tonight for sure. (Now don’t call me on it if I don’t :=)

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