Tweeps, peeps and creeps

Bunch of frogs !

Image by Ioan Sameli via Flickr

Okay, so this week was really all about diving into social media. Making it a part of my daily routine, my job. It’s been interesting, somewhat addicting and by the end of each night my eyes burned.  It has been pretty cool reconnecting and connecting with other writer types and like-minded artsy folks.

I’ve learned that tweeps are your peeps on twitter. And creeps, well, I haven’t met any yet I just needed a good rhyme to round out the title of this blog!

But the one thing that does creep me out is the term followers. Now for some reason following doesn’t bother me as much. You know I could be following you outside, or following you to the mall or to the soccer game. But followers, I don’t know, it immediately puts me in the mind of some compound in Waco, Texas, on fire . . .  I know that’s an extreme example but that’s the visual I get.

I started to wonder what kind of psychological effect it has on those with a huge following. I mean when you wake up in the morning and see that you have half a million followers how does that make you feel? Or a million?  Of course I wouldn’t know, since I only have fifteen so far, one of which is a furniture store, but hey I just started! But seriously, I  think you’d have to be a very grounded person to  handle that kind of virtual power.  I guess it’s all in how you look at it . . .  You can use your following for good or I suppose for EEEEEVILLL as well . . .

Last night as I tried to come down from my week-long social media buzz, I started to think of alternate names for following and followers.  Perhaps if the names were changed the whole landscape of twitter would change too. I mean if following all of a sudden became Tadpole and  followers all of a sudden became Frogs what would that do to the collective mind-set of Twitter? Or maybe Mustard and Ketchup,  or Hotdogs and Hamburgers? Would it change the entire dynamic, taking away the significance and powerful imagery that a word like followers possesses?

If you could change the words Following and Followers on twitter what would you change them to?


4 responses to “Tweeps, peeps and creeps

  1. lol great title!
    I had a previous account on twitter with almost 5,000 followers. Nothing near a million and I didn’t put out requests on video or put up a billboard like Ashton Kutcher to get them but it was an interesting feeling having so many “tweeps” following me. I did encounter a handful of creeps. That was one of the reasons I deleted my account. That feeling of thousands following me started to feel a bit creepy.
    Twitter can be so much fun when you’re in the collective stream of twitter consciousness. Like an international dinner party, everyone mingling, chatting it up, throwing ideas here and there. Once I started getting so many ads for products like “get more followers”, “buy wigs”, “be a social media mogul in minutes”, I started to lose that loving feeling.
    Of course months later I was back on twitter this time with a new account. Twitter doesn’t like it when you leave and they let you know it when you try to come back with your old email, or account name.
    In twitter fashion I end with—Where my tweets and peeps at? Follow me @hihsuzanne

  2. Nice. I totally agree. How far can the language go? …Tweolower?”

  3. Great comment Suzanne! You’ve got a lot of great insight into “this world.”

    Yes, do follower her @hihsuzanne she’s awesome!!

  4. Had a blog since my baby was well… a baby… joined Facebook a year or so ago… have a business web site and things on Etsy… whew… no time or inclination to try Twitter, even though sometimes I feel like I may be the only one not tweeting or whatever the heck they call it!

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